Muscle Bear Fetish For Hairy Muscular Men

A sub-culture within a sub-culture -- There's a definite obsession and fetish for hairy, muscular Bear men. The MuscleBear Tribe is a growing segment of the Gay men's community.

Without delving too deeply into the sociology and psychology of big muscle worship, who doesn't have some sort of admiration or respect for a strong, in-shape and masculine hairy muscled Bear of a man? In many ways they represent the iconic Alpha-Males of the tribe easily recognized by their physical strength, hair and size indicating their sexual dominance within the tribe. Whether you subconsciously acknowledge this or not - it is at play within any animal or human social group's dynamics.

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Bearz Gone Tribal! - Hairy Gay Bear Men Tribes

Over four decades after the Stonewall Riots in New York City - it's great to see how far LGBT culture and community has come. A lot of acceptance and progress made, a lot of discrimination remains.

Somewhat 'Late Bloomers' in the codification of the Gay community's various factions and sub-groups -- The Bear Tribe coalesced and come into it's own decades after other sub-groups had already established themselves. The Drag Queens, Jocks, Urban Cowboys, Leather Men and Pretty Boy's already had their gig, scene and identity. It took awhile for the big, burly, hairy ol' Bubba Bear crowd to stop being rather lost and neglected on the sidelines - and find their own tribal fetish klan.

Fast-forward to - well at least an Urban Bear Tribe - that's well established and highly visible in the GLBT community. I hate to think we've 'MAINSTREAMED' - but in many ways we have: In images and iconography, fashion and branding, status and visibility. Still at its roots is ultimately sexual fetishism for Bear-type guys. And that keeps us tribal on many levels. Its about the furry fetish of who we want to hang, hump and mate with that constitutes a sort of "Neo-Tribalism" in modern society. For those Bears who haven't totally mainstreamed, here's to the rebels and sexual renegades that remember it's our bear balls that set us apart.

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